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Luke Smart Karaoke



Contact for pricing and availability.

Karaoke shows hosted and personalized by me, Luke Smart.

Great for weddings, birthdays, cast parties, team building, holidays, bars, restaurants, or wherever people who want to sing can be found.

Over 300,000 songs with the list growing all the time.

Virtual songbook so you can search and send songs straight from your phone. I also have several laminated cards with QR codes so guests can quickly and easily start searching without typing in a website or downloading an app.

Touch screen kiosk with stylus for convenient song searching at the booth.

Wireless mics by Shure for reliability, versatility, quality, and convenience. Also with the option of colored handles (black, white, red, blue, and gold) to add pop to your event and tie into your theme or color scheme.

DJ booth with LED light panels for a professional and eye-catching look that can be customized to fit in with your event's theme or color schemes.

Chauvet GigBAR 2 lighting tripod mounted, sound-reactive lighting to bring your stage or singing space to life with a pair of LED derby lights, LED PARs, a laser, and a strobe.

Flat screen lyrics monitor that is wireless and battery-powered. Place it where you want your singers without worrying about tripping over wires. I can also plug into your venue's TV and/or projector with my HDMI cables or my Microsoft 4K wireless display adapter for whatever best suits the venue.

Soundboks Speakers with big, professional sound to fill your venue. Able to be used wirelessly for outdoor events with limited power access without sacrificing sound quality. Tripod-mounted to fill your space with sound. Or I can plug into your sound system with my mixer via XLR, 1/4", or RCA cables.

Party playlist between singers to keep the party going. I am not a DJ who mixes live, I am a karaoke host primarily, but I can put together a solid playlist of songs tailored to your event, theme, or general preferences.


Custom Song Parodies! Let me work with you to customize a song to fit your event that I can sing as the host, or I can even make custom karaoke videos for you and your party to perform or sing along to. This was a specialty as an MC, and I've even released a CD of parody songs as a Ren Fest character actor.

Costumes, props, and more! I can dress to the theme and host as a character. I can bring props for singers to add to their performances. I also have contacts that are circus, dance, burlesque, stand-up, and interactive character performers and we can help you put together a diverse and immersive night of entertainment for your event.

55" Tripod-mounted Flat Screen! For extra punch and to bring the crowd into the sing-along if your space doesn't have its own TVs. This is in addition to the flat screen monitor that faces singers to also have a crowd-facing screen.

Karaoke Challenge! The karaoke card game I designed to shake things up for singers caught in a rut or adventurous singers who want to spice things up. Great for parties and team building. Can be played as a contest, a team sport, or singers can just pick a card whenever they feel like something extra.


This is what ConnectKaraoke

looks like on my kiosks

and when you use the QR code

from your phone to search and

submit songs at a live show.

Can be customized to fit a

theme or event.

Click the image to search my

non-live song database. Actual show database has been updated since, so if you do not see a song you want here, please ask.

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